Every home starts with a dream, and every dream begins with an architect.

Your home is one of your most significant investments and a physical representation of your personality and taste.  In addition to beautiful aesthetics, your home should be comfortable, functional and accommodate your lifestyle.

Whether it be a new build, renovation or extension; our goal is to ensure that your vision becomes a physical reality.

This is why our comprehensive service extends beyond conception and design to include full project administration and construction completion.

Every project that we undertake is unique and tailored to suit your specific requirements with spatially and visually stimulating architecture and careful consideration of the site’s characteristics.

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Embarking On The Exciting Journey Of Building Or Extending Your Home

Your Architect Is The Custodian of Your Vision

We understand that choosing to build a new home, renovate or add to your existing home is a big decision. The entire process from design to construction should be pleasurable -so that you only have fond memories in your home.

A vital component to the success of your build lies in communication with your architect. It is essential that you find a professional you can talk to because the brief relies on information about your preferred styles, lifestyle, habits, hobbies, the goals you want to achieve, and your budget.

Your architect is then responsible for meeting these requirements considering a number of environmental and logistical factors to create a 360 degree design solution. Then, we collaborate with other professionals (such as contractors and sub-contractors) to carry out that vision under our guidance and immense attention to detail.

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Industry affiliates

Moscow Institute of Architecture (MARKHI)
The South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP)
Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)
American Institute of Architects (AIA)
South African Institute of Architects (SAIA)
Gauteng Institute for Architecture (GIFA)

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